• Mitsubishi and Clemenger BBDO change the game with new Hybrid ad: It's just better.

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    Mistubishi has just launched New Zealand's first plug-in hybrid SUV. But, rather than trying to explain the complex technology in the new Outlander, Clemenger BBDO and Curious have kept it simple.

    "This is New Zealand's first Plug in Hybrid SUV," says Clemenger BBDO's executive creative director Philip Andrew. "It gets its energy from a number of different power sources and is able to blend those sources where required. It has two motors and one engine and will deliver 1.9 litres per 100ks. If your daily commute is under 50ks (most New Zealand daily commutes are 30km) then you'd plug it into a normal power socket at home overnight and it would cost you less than half a cup of coffee. It's leading edge technology that's so far advanced it's like trying to explain Chinese arithmetic, so we didn't bother, preferring to say 'It's just better' instead."

    Client: Mitsubishi Motors NZ.
    Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
    GAD Brendan McElroy
    ECD Duster
    Creative Team. Dan Moth, Tony Haigh
    TV Producer. Martin Grey
    Film Co. Curious.
    Director. Robin Walters
    Producer. Matt Noonan

  • Devo to the head of The Family.

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    After establishing the New Zealand arm of Whybin\TBWA around 15 years ago, David Walden resigned from his post last year and made way for Todd McLeay. And now he has officially announced his first new role: chairman of The Family, the agency set up by ex-Ikon leaders Tom Davidson and Lee Parkinson.

    "It's going to be interesting. Lee and Tom I really rate and enjoy," says Walden.

    While he has plenty of experience with creative agencies, media is a different kettle of fish. But he says it's not a traditional media agency. It's about "connections and communication" and there will be a strong focus on digital.

    He has a number of other projects on the go, he says, so it's not full time and won't be hands-on, although most would agree there's no such thing as a non-hands-on role when Devo's involved.

    "Define hands on," says Davidson, who says Walden won't be involved in the technical, day-to-day side of the business, but will "absolutely be rolling his sleeves up and making decisions".

    "We'll be encouraging him to be hands on. He's going to be putting a lot of time in. He believes in what we're trying to do. And he'll probably be able to keep the three of us [Craig Spillane of Bullseye is also a director and shareholder in The Family] in check ... He doesn't want to live it. He's done that. And that's not what interests him. He's interested in a different model and that's the challenge."

    When it announced the launch of its new agency earlier this year, it said the agency structure was modelled on that of UK retailer John Lewis, where everyone in the business is considered a partner, and everyone has a stake in the business.

    “Today, the best talent is looking for more from an employer than just a pay cheque. They want to be part of something that stands for more than the product or service they sell,” said Davidson.

    The agency also aims to extend this philosophy to clients by providing a responsive service that’s dependent on requirements.

    Davidson wasn't able to reveal any news on clients, but he's confident its soon-to-launch website will help explain its model and get its feet in doors. He says a lot of clients have have said the model "sounded great", but he admits it needed the commercial nous of Walden and Spillane so that it makes sense to clients from a business point of view.

    While there's no official commercial ties between The Family and Bullseye, Davidson says a merger wouldn't be out of the question in the future.

  • Coca-Cola drops DDB, consolidates with Ogilvy & Mather

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    Fewer than two years after getting a toe in Coca-Cola's door by winning the Lift Plus and Mother accounts, DDB has now lost both energy drinks to Ogilvy.

    While Coca-Cola Oceania public affairs and Communications Manager Karen Thompson did confirm that the accounts had moved across to Ogilvy, she said added that it is not the drinks company's policy to publicly comment on agency movements. (Coca-Cola Oceania is the regional arm of the Coca-Cola company, whereas Coca-Cola Amatil is the company with the license to bottle and distribute brands like Coca-Cola, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Glacéau and Pump in its territories).

    Given that Lift Plus and Mother hold approximately 20 percent of the energy drink market (measured in terms of petrol station sales), Ogilvy will be required to grow the brand so that it encroaches on V Energy's 60-percent hold on the Kiwi market.

    Interestingly, New Zealand is the only country in the world where Red Bull isn't the market leader and we have one of the highest levels of energy drink consumption in the world.

    Both DDB and Ogilvy have been contacted in regard to these changes, but neither agency has been available for comment thus far.


  • Boothroyd to join Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand.

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    Ogilvy & Mather executive creative director Angus Hennah has announced the appointment of Anne Boothroyd (ex Saatchi & Saatchi, Colenso and Clemenger) in the role of creative group head. Boothroyd is partnering Ogilvy's Darran Wong Kam.

    Says Hennah: "I have admired Anne's work for some time now and was thrilled when she decided to join our creative department. Anne has a great strategic mind and an impressive swag of creative awards. With 8 Cannes Lions and a yellow pencil Anne definitely boosts our creative firepower."

    Says Boothroyd: "Ogilvy & Mather has a strong creative reputation globally and big ambitions locally. I'm excited to be working with Angus and the team to help reach those goals."

    Darren Wong-KamDarren Wong-Kam

  • SKY Television uses the power of social media to topple Game of Thrones' King Joffrey via DDB NZ

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    King Joffrey: DDBKing Joffrey: DDB

    In anticipation of the launch of the fourth season of the cult TV series Game of Thrones, DDB New Zealand and SoHo, SKY New Zealand's premium entertainment channel, are giving audiences across the globe a unique opportunity to bring down one of the most hated fictional characters of all time, King Joffrey.

    Through an experiential and social media event, Game of Thrones fans are challenged to use their collective voices through the power of social media to topple the king, using the hashtag #bringdowntheking.

    DDB has coordinated the production of a giant seven meter statue of King Joffrey, with the help of production company, Finch, which has been erected in Aotea Square, one of Auckland's largest public squares. The statue has a rope positioned around the King's neck, attached to a winch, and fans are encouraged to pull the statue down by using the hashtag on Twitter. With every tweet, the statue will be one cog closer to toppling.

    King JoffreyKing Joffrey

    Says Travis Dunbar, SKY's director of programming: "Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon and King Joffrey is quite possibly the most hated fictional television character of all time. It's exciting to give fans an opportunity they are dying for; to assist in the demise of the King of the Iron Throne.

    "First we saw a giant 40-foot-long dragon skull wash up on a beach in Dorset, England* and now it's New Zealand's turn to spark the fury."

    Says Shane Bradnick, DDB executive creative director: "It's great to be working with clients that want to create ideas that bring the fictional, digital and real worlds together. Let's bring the bastard down!"

    Fans will be able to stay abreast of the campaign progress and Twitter feed via bringdowntheking.com and watch as the boy-king statue eventually falls via the webcam live stream.

    Agency: DDB Group New Zealand
    Client: SKY Television

    SKY Television:
    Marketing Director: Mike Watson
    Product Marketing Manager: Amber Cooke

    DDB Group New Zealand:
    Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
    Creative Director: Chris Schofield
    Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr
    Art Director: Adam Thompson
    Copywriter: Rory McKechnie
    Senior Account Director: James Blair
    Account Manager: Georgia Newton
    Agency Producer: Tania Jeram
    Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
    Digital Business Director: Paul Pritchard
    Digital Executive Producer: Liz Knox
    Lead Digital Designer: Sam Schrey
    Lead Digital Designer: Jason Vertongen
    Senior Technologist: Cameron Crosby
    Developer: Cain Coulton

    Mango Communications:
    Senior Account Director: Sean Brown
    Senior Account Manager: Eleisha Balmer

    Film Company (production) - Finch
    Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo
    Executive Producer: Michael Hilliard
    TV Producer: Camilla Dehnert
    Camera Operator: Sam Britten
    Production Designer: Bruce Everard
    Prop maker: Phil Gregory
    Construction Manager Grant Bailey
    CNC Machining: Styrotech Limited
    3D character modeling : Michael Ulloa
    Engineer: Nick Barnfield

    Live Streaming - Slip Stream
    Managing Director: Aaron Crabb

  • A definitive guide to The Super Bowl 2014 of Ads.

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    Super BowlSuper Bowl

  • Feel Tip Top ‘Natural colours and flavours’ via Colenso BBDO Auckland

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    Tip Top AdshelTip Top Adshel

    To highlight Tip Top’s move to only natural colours and flavours, Tip Top have extended their Feel Tip Top campaign with innovative outdoor poster executions. The limited run posters, which are all hand screened, utilise synthetic food colours instead of ink.

    Minna Reinikkala, Tip Top Group Marketing Manager says, “Tip Top is nearly finished changing all our recipes to only natural colours so we have some leftover ingredients that we don’t want to use anymore. It’s fun to see them being used for something so creative”

    An initial test by Artrite Screenprinters was done to see if food colouring would even work. And then Mike Davison, Head of Design at Colenso, illustrated two ice cream posters, to ‘celebrate colour’ and hopefully make people feel Tip Top.

    “We just thought it was a great way to further tell the story. Not to mention a practical way of using up some unwanted colours.” said Steve Cochran, Executive Creative Director of ColensoBBDO.

    Both posters will run in pedestrian targeted Adshel media around the country to supplement the wider campaign of outdoor, TV, digital, and PR, with more information available on the brand’s Facebook page.

    More than eighty per cent of Tip Top ice creams and ice blocks are now being made with only natural colours and flavours and they are on target to be at 100% by the end of February.

    NB. Despite being printed with food colouring, it is not recommended anyone try eating the posters.

    Tip Top AdshelTip Top Adshel

    Agency: Colenso BBDO
    Creative Directors: Steve Cochran, Mike Davison
    Account Team: Lisa Walton, Eddie Thomas
    Agency Producer: Sheriden Derby
    Media Agency: OMD
    Clients: Minna Reinikkala (Group Marketing Manager), Natacha Clark (Senior Brand Manager)


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    TAB has launched a major new product and campaign via Sugar&Partners. The TAB Triple Trio campaign, starring actor John Leigh.

    Triple Trio a popular racing bet type in Asia will be the most entertaining way for New Zealanders to win big every Saturday.

    Triple TrioTriple Trio

    Mike Heath, Head of Marketing and Digital Sales, NZ Racing Board, says “We’re all very excited about the launch of the campaign that has touched every part of our business. To help bring it to life, we’ve worked very closely with Sugar&Partners from start to finish and that has given us a great campaign that we a hugely proud of.”

    Dave Nash, Creative Director, Sugar&Partners says “TAB Triple Trio gives New Zealand an entertaining way to have a punt at winning big, week-on-week. Our challenge was to not only communicate the promise of big wins each Saturday, but that the big win was achievable through both chance and skill. The worldly captain character and fishing analogy was the perfect way to communicate this, nailing skill and chance in equal measure.”

    The launch ad, directed by Robber’s Dog director Daniel Borgman, went to air on Tuesday 14th of January.

    John LeighJohn Leigh

    “We were very lucky to partner with Robbers Dog on this, Daniel delivered like the seasoned pro he is, while George (Mackenzie) managed to assemble the A-Team and pull rabbits out of hats all over the show,” adds Nash.

    Sugar&Partners, MBM and TAB have created the fully integrated campaign consisting of a launch TVC on TV1, TV2, Sky, Trackside and TAB TV, radio, retail-point of sale, outdoor, on-course, DM, digital display and social media creative leading to a streamlined and responsive TAB web experience at tripletrio.co.nz.

    Responsive Website - Triple Trio: Responsive WebsiteResponsive Website - Triple Trio: Responsive Website

    CLIENT: TAB, NZ Racing Board
    Head of Marketing and Digital Sales: Mike Heath.
    Campaign Manager: Katherine O’Connor
    Campaign Coordinator: Samantha Emms
    Project Manager: Karen Mann
    Head of Totalisator Betting: Michael Dore
    Senior Editor – Graphics: Rhyce Barker

    CREATIVE AGENCY: Sugar&Partners
    Creative Directors: Damon O’Leary & Dave Nash
    Creative Team: Anna Paine & Owen Bryson
    Head of Design: Hamish McArthur
    Digital Art Director: Vikki Cheng
    Account Director: Campbell McLean
    Digital & Social Account Manager: Kate Ferriman
    Head of Planning: Tania Stevenson
    Head of Content: Wictoria Markula
    Creative & Studio Services: Gary Butcher

    Director: Daniel Borgman
    Managing Director: George Mackenzie
    Executive Producer: Mark Foster
    DOP: Andrew Stroud
    Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy
    Post House: Blockhead


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